Studio Sales Seeing is believing. To truly appreciate the intricate detailing and rich colors of my furniture you are welcome to visit my studio. In fact, I insist! Viewing my furniture in person is the only way to decide if you would like to own one of my pieces. And while this web site serves to introduce you to my work, it cannot show you the details of craftsmanship in every piece I create. Call for an appointment the next time you travel in the Southwest. Explore the work with the same slow deliberateness that I employ in creating it. Run your eyes and your fingertips across the inviting tactile surfaces. Coffee and cookies generally on hand! My studio is located in Placitas New Mexico USA about 20 miles north of Albuquerque just off the main highway which goes to Santa Fe. Please call ahead for an appointment and directions: email: Mary E. Carter Hands of an Artist Productions
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